YES! I thought about this for quite long time, and I wanted to start it now. Usually I don’t get that many comments for my entries, and I haven’t got totally many viewers, but I’ve heard a lot from people that they like my blog, but they never really comment any entries! So I thought “Well, this could be funny”.

The whole thing is actually for YOU guys out there, to ask me any question you want, in the comments for THIS entry! Sometimes when I feel like it, I’ll pick a good question and make an entry about it, with my answer to it. It won’t be every day I’ll do it, just sometimes.

Also, I know I have lots of danish readers, so it’s okay if you ask the questions in danish; I’ll just translate it into english, if I pick one of those, and I’ll of course answer them in english too.

I hope you’ll come up with some amazing questions for me to answer!! I hope this idea will work 😀