I thought it was about time to get another todays questions, so here we go:
Apart from Tokio Hotel, which band/artist is your favourite?

It depends very much who’s my favourite bands/artists. Of course it’s always Tokio Hotel, but besides those I really love listening to Blood On The Dance Floor, at the moment. If you want to listen to them, you can look further down in my blog, and there’s a blog entry about them! (Else just click the “music” category in the sidebar). I’ve also been listening to You Me At Six a lot, the past weeks.

I’ve always been a fan of something, or someone. It’s crazy. I think it started when I was about 7, actually, with a group called “Sonny & Jeanne”. They took regular Danish music numbers and changed them into their style. I got their autographs and everything. Else, it just took off from there.. I’ve been a fan of a guy called Razz, a guy called “Jon”, a group called “EyeQ”, another group called “Fu:el” (many of these groups/artists were made in the TV show “Popstars”!!), and then in 2003 I heard a band called “B-Boys”, and well, I turned to be one of their fans. I was a fan from 2003 untill late 2006. Somebody introduced me for Tokio Hotel in June 2006. I tried to hold on to both fandoms at the time, but Tokio Hotel of course took over. 🙂 The pictures above is my room how it looked when I was a B-Boys fan. I actually saw those guys 18 (!!) times live, all over Denmark, and met them. They always knew who I was 😛