Today has been quite boring, actually. First I got up, and I still have the flu. It sucks quite much, but that’s just life. I have to go to school with the flu hanging around my body. Schön, ne? First two hours of school we had chemistry class, and we had to make some weird stuff. Try mixing some things together and such. After that, we had 2 free classes, so we walked to McDonalds. LOL XD the guys had to get some burgers. Weeeird. It was like 10 burgers they ordered. 3 guys sharing 10 burgers XD geeez! Anyway, after that we had 2 grammatic classes (BOOOORING!) and I caught Arnar in drawing amazing drawings… once again :p Tomorrow and friday will be stressing, ’cause you know what? I’M GOING TO COLOGNE…. again. :p Hopefully I am. I’ll figure it all out tonight, and let you know! Here’s some pictures from today ^__^

Arnar doing chemistry.

Andrew doing chemistry.

More chemistry. I think it looked cool XD

Arnars amazing drawings.