Today have really been amazing. Well, not so amazing in that way, but Automatisch (YES, AUTOMATISCH! Not Automatic!!!) was “Bobler” on danish Boogie Chart, and we had been voting all week. When the battle came on (They have a battle where you have to send in textmessages, voting on which you want as number one), I got a bit anxious and nervous! They HAD to go number 1! They were up against Paramore and Nephew, and you know what? WE DID IT! We made them number one!

Danish fans have always really taken over the chart, and we actually had Der letzte Tag on number 1 for the 10 weeks a video can be on the list, as the first ever, in the TV programs history! After that, they had to make a “kick out rule”, because they didn’t want the same artist as nr. 1 on the chart, constantly. We are amazing. It just made me so happy, watching the boys be number 1 on the list again, after almost a year being there. It made me cry like hell. I was so happy! And it make me even more happy that it’s the german version they’re using!! We have to make them number 1 next week too!

Gå ind på og stem! Du kan også sende B Listen 1 til 1212. Det koster 1 kr + alm sms takst! Husk at se med i næste uge kl. 16, og stem i battlen! Ellers så se med igen i Boogie Update kl. 12:10 næste lørdag! WE NEED YOUR VOTE!