Hey again guys xx
Today is wednesday, and I have my graduation this evening. Yay! Oh.. well, it also means that it’ll probably be the last time I’ll see a lot of my classmates. Some of theme have been in my class in 10 years, some of them only in 3, but it’ll be so hard to say goodbye anyway. I think I might cry, oh well oh well.. That’s how it is.
ANYWAY, I wanted to show you my dress, and my outfit, yay. I took a lot of pictures today. I loook pweetty! 😀

Else, I haven’t done so much today. Took a shower, got myself ready, watched some tv. Now there’s 1 hour and 20 minutes ’till I have to be there, so it’s fine. I made my self ready 4 hours before we have to be at the school, LOL xD So now I’m just waiting.. waiting.. and more waiting xD