Basically I was taking care of my littlebrother today while stepmom was doing laundry, and this is what came out of (besides watching Garfield cartoons in the TV, that is) it. He started asking who was on my posters and on my computer screen, so. I’ll just translate what we’re saying into English, since I ask him stuff in Danish, because he’s only almost 2 (He turns 2 in June) years old.

Me: Is Morten asleep now?
Morten: *Looking up at me*
Me: Who’s this, Morten? Who’s this? *Pointing at Bill poster* It’s Bill!
Morten: Bill!
Me: Yees.. Who’s this then? *Pointing at Tom* It’s Tom.
Morten: Tom!
Me: Can you say Gustav?
Morten: Gustav
Me: What about Georg then?
Morten: Ge-ork (XD) That?
Me: It’s Tokio Hotel.
Morten: Tokio-eeeel (XD) Me look!
Me: You wanna take a look?

I love him to bits <3