Today I went to a Christmas lunch/party with my classmates. We had tons of fun, even though I don’t really drink alcohol. I was totes hyper and high on Red Bulls though, haha! (Had some alcohol too though, but shh XD)

Right now I’m sitting with quite a headache, and I have some school tomorrow from 14 ’till 17, and then I’m off for the year, but after Christmas holidays I’m starting in 1.c, and I know NONE of the people in there.. It’s sad, ’cause I really like the people in 1.a, but yeah :/ I have to get my German and the subjects I need for my education, and unfortunately I can’t get that in THAT class.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some pics I took with my webcam before going. We took lots of pics at the party, and I bet there’ll be lots of up on facebook tomorrow, so I can post and tell 😉 It’s 01:42 here, and I need to go to bed SOON. I’m still here in my dress and everything, LOL, so. and oh yeah btw – some people just suck, really.