Today has been kind of a weird mess. First of all; Happy birthday to Cecilie – now there’s only one hour left of your birthday, and I hope you enjoyed it <3

Otherwise, I had quite a good day in school; until something happened around Tokio Hotel, some news about a break in, in the Kaulitz twins’ house. It annoyed me and put me in a very bad mood most of the day..

Otherwise, my dad called me at about.. 19:30, to tell me that my great-grandpa passed away today. It wasn’t painful for him, he was just sleeping and didn’t wake up again. We visited him Saturday and we’d bought him a bouquet of flowers, and I’m really happy we did that. He was getting weaker (He turned 90 a few months ago) every day, and we knew it was going to happen soon – but you know, even though you know it’s going to happen, it still hits you hard when it then happens.. RIP great-grandpa <3

Then something totally different happened; Anja wrote to me on msn to make sure that I knew that Tom and Bill had been having their 21st birthday.. IN DENMARK! I was like “what?” at the beginning, and then I read the article.. It’s from “Hamburger Morgenpost” and it says they actually did party in Denmark! I got to know it about 2 hours ago and I’m still not over it and all hyper. It totally saved my day today! I had to write to Linda immediately when I heard and she then called and we totally flailed over the phone. I love those moments <3

Everything has been really up and down all the time today, and I feel pretty exhausted, but I’m sure I’m way too hyper right now to even get a little sleep. Right now, I’m listening to Cascada’s “Evacuate the dance floor”, reminding me of the trip to Cologne a year ago! It always makes me happy, and I always get the excited feeling I had when we went to Cologne right back in my body when I hear it.

Anyway, tomorrow it’s friday and I’m gonna party it up with my classmates and friends, so I don’t know if I’ll blog tomorrow. We’ll see <3 Sorry for the long post today with text only. Will try to put in some pictures in the next post.