Thursday I received this nice package filled with american sour candy. Amanda (tearose99 on LJ) sent it to me, and I’m so happy about it. It taste soooo good! Lots of Skittles too. The big package just made me so so happy, really :D!

Also, Canni is here today (and the rest of the weekend), and she got me a Christmas present too, and it was.. dadadaaaah.. SKITTLES ^_^! Oh, how I love all the Skittles I’m getting at the moment. I love people for being so sweet and want to do that to a poor girl like me, not being able to buy that sort of candies here in Denmark. Tehe ^__^

We’re going to bake cookies for Christmas tomorrow, with my mum! It’s almost 4am now, and we should be in bed, BUT NOT TIRED AT ALL.