You might remember that I ordered some make-up from Lime Crime, if not you can read about it HERE. Anyway, since I’ve had the make-up for quite some time now, and I’ve had the time to actually try it out, I thought I would tell you my thoughts about this, starting out with the red lipstick I got, named “Retrofuturist”.

First thing I’m going to say is that I absolutely love this lipstick! The red one I used before turned to dry very fast, and it just sucked to wear, but this one is just.. wow! Creamy and very pigmented lipstick. It’s a very opaque lipstick too, and it stays on for such a long time. I usually use a lipliner along with it though, just to make sure that it stays where it’s supposed to actually stay. Also, whenever you want to get it off, it can get a bit complicated. I actually have tried several times to rub it off and get the lipstick off, but it does leave a stain on the lips. Mine actually often stays for a few days, and a few people around me asked if I’d been wearing a red lipstick lately. I don’t know if that’s a negative or positive thing though. 🙂 

I love the packaging of the lipstick too – Really cute, with the glittery unicorn and all the purple (You can see the packaging in the post I linked to at the top of this post). Basically, the only thing that sucks is the price of the lipstick. 17$ for the lipstick itself, and then 10$ for shipping outside the US&Canada. If you buy for over 100$, you’ll get free shipping. You can buy their make-up HERE.

Anyway, I’m very impressed by this lipstick, and I will definitely buy more lipsticks from Lime Crime in the future.