Today we went to play minigolf (which I lost at) at Ålbæk Camping and then I had a slurpee/slush-ice! The weather has been so amazing today, and I’ve been outside almost all day today to enjoy it.

When we came home, we decided on doing barbeque for dinner, which was yummy! We even did some marshmallows with crackers.

After that, my stepbrother and I drove to the beach in Vadum to put our feet into the nice water for sometime – But then suddenly, this old guy came to feet foxes. YES, foxes! There were 7 foxes, and we got to see them at least 3 m away from us while they stole the deer meat. Still stunned by it. Some of them were even only still puppy foxes! Wow!

Took some pictures during the day, on my iPhone, and thought I wanted to share them! I edit them on Instagram, which is an app you can get for iPhone. If you want to follow me in there, my username is xxVergessen.