Well, Mia Malene and I found a McDonalds and while eating, we are both enjoying the free wifi in here. I brought along my mini laptop, so I could share some pictures from the day. It won’t be much though!

Our flight got delayed 1½ hour yesterday, so we weren’t in Gatwick until pretty late in the night. We arrived to our hotel and when we got into our room, both of us pretty much freaked out – such an amazing room we got.. But hey, it is the Hilton, right? Definitely doesn’t regret living there. I even had my first bath today in ages (since I can usually just take showers, haha) and that was just amaaazing.

Today, we got up and went to Camden. I love that place. It just has an atmosphere that really can’t be described. We also went to check out a new M&M’s store, which lead us to Piccadilly Circus & Leicester Square. Love London so far!

Tomorrow we’re going sightseeing! Yay! Might blog later, if we go to McD again, haha!