Lady Gaga remix for the Mugler fashion show in Paris, in HQ version and fashion of Mugler on the video. It’s a remix of one of her new songs called “Scheiße” from Born This Way, and it’s absolutely fabulous, even though the chorus is actually missing in it! She never disappoints! And I love that she’s using the German too!

“I don’t speak German but I can if you’d like;
Ich bin absolut klar ist diese Mutter Monster, ich wünschte,
wir könnten alle blind sein, wäre es einfach draußen.
I’ll take you out tonight, say whatever you like!
Scheisse be mine! Scheisse be mine!
Put on a show tonight do whatever you like.
Scheisse be mine! Scheisse be mine!”
Those are the supposed lyrics.
I do think the German seems to be a bit off, but otherwise;