It sucks to not earn any money at all – if I did, I would totally buy both of these. I totally fell in love with that shirt, and that lip scrub seems too awesome and I really need to try it. I’ve tried almost everything on my lips and so far nothing have seen to keep them moistured and soft for a long time; most products have only worked for 20 minutes, maybe less – for me, that is.

Otherwise – today I went into Matas and bought myself a new perfume. I had 3 old gift certificates and I needed to use them soon before I couldn’t anymore, so I bought Avril Lavigne’s “Black Star” perfume. It’s actually really good!

Also, I went into H&M and bought 6 rings for only 40 DKK (5,35€) – I was in a serious lack of rings, and I found these and they were just so cute and cheap. Going to wear them at the wedding on Saturday! Will show pictures of the rings later!

PS. Sorry for the tk domain being so slow lately! It sucks!