I finally got my package I’ve been waiting for, for 5 days! I ordered it Sunday, and I finally got it. This is what was in it:

Nail polish from Eyeko! This package is a limited edition called “The Darkside” and you can buy it HERE for only 11€, and that’s with the shipping! All shipping in Europe is totally free, and even if you buy for over 11€, you can get an extra nail polish if you write it in the comment box when buying. Of course, I didn’t notice this before after I’d ordered, unfortunately.

Anyway, the polishes in this limited edition are “Indigo Polish”, “Cosmic Polish” and “Vampira Polish”. 3 really pretty colors. As you can tell on the picture, the Vampira Polish is a black with red glitter. The Cosmic Polish is a bit like the nail art I did, with black and glitter in different colors, and then of course the Indigo Polish, which is a blue really pretty and shiny polish. I’ll try one of the polishes out before the Gaga concert on Wednesday, and I will post you a picture and tell you about the quality of the polishes! I totally fell in love with Eyeko’s products, they’re just so cute!