When I was a little kid, I loved The Lion King. The Lion King was my ultimate favorite Disney movie – still is one of my favorites. It gives me so many good childhood memories.

Especially this song, can still give me the laughs these days; Timons hula. I’m posting the multilanguage one, for everybody to have their version. The Danish version will always be my favorite, though. All the other versions are just wrong to me; But I did grow up with the Danish version, that’s probably why.

Otherwise; My big laptop are shipped in to get fixed, so I probably won’t have that one back, before in a month – which means I have no photoshop, or any other programs, because I’m on the mini laptop, so sorry if it won’t be too fancy the next month.

And another big change; I dyed my hair red today. It didn’t turn out that well, obviously, since my hair was still black, but now I really want to get rid of the black hair. It’s been black for 4 years now; time for a change, right? (I can always dye it back, so it’s not really that big of a deal) So right now my roots are soooo red, and then the red fades out into black. Will get my hair cut later this week – Hopefully I will post pictures!