Yaaaay! I don’t know if I ever told you guys, but our oldest sacred birman cat, Yessie, was pregnant, and today she gave birth to 3 healthy sacred birman kittens. I filmed a bit from when she was cleaning them up, when they were almost newly born, but I can’t put it on the laptop just now. I will take pictures later on and put them in here to show you all. This is the first time we ever had kittens! I’m so excited!

Well, something I’m not really excited about is that I’m going to the dentist tomorrow at 10:15.. I hate the dentist, especially when it’s something serious you have to get done with you teeth. It scares me.

The past couple of days have really just been boring. I have to fix all my exam stuff, but I need my mom to buy me something before I can start doing it. She’ll go to the city to buy it for me tomorrow and then I have tomorrow to start fixing it all. Phew. First exam is at June 15th 8:10 and then I have ’till June 16th where I have to presentate my work in front of teachers. It’s social study exam. My math oral exam is on June 22nd.

Anyway, will leave you with this for today. Boring long post without any pictures, yay!