Okay, so Shiny wrote this thing about kids acting like adults, on twitter, and actually I had thoughts about this topic long ago – and well, I thought that I wanted to do a simple blog about what I think.

So, basically, I know lots of 12-15 year old kids, drinking their brains out, partying almost every day, fucking here and there and kissing with everybody they see – being proud of it. Young girls walking around showing almost all their flesh, trying to make guys see them. Kids trying to act like they were adults, basically – and I just never understood it, really. When I look at myself now, I would’ve LOVED to go back and be a kid again.. What’s the rush with growing up so fast, kids? I seriously don’t get it. No, it isn’t cool to act like that at your age, it just isn’t..

When I was at that age, I was one of the more mature girls, hanging out with girls being mostly around 2-3 years older than me, but it wasn’t like I really wanted to get older, acting like I was so much older, like teens do now a days..

Anyway, what’s your opinions on this topic?

PS. No offence!