Most people probably know about this youtube girl who calls herself “Jessi Slaughter” (if not, you can always youtube it!).. At least her scandal is very big around the world right now. She got pretty famous because of the vlogs she made, being only 10/11 years old. Most people wonder where her parents are, letting her do vlogs like she does. Anyway, she posted a vlog where her dad goes craaaazy at everybody on youtube.. Her favorite band is Blood On The Dance Floor, and apparently this rumor was made up that Dahvie raped Jessi. I don’t know how, but it did.. This is what came out of that rumor:

I have so much respect for those guys and what they do. This is truly amazing. Never let anybody get in your way, Dahvie and Jay. We can learn from them.

..and oh yeah, just a funny video from them too, where Dahvie is absolutely brilliant!