Mum and I drove to Viborg today, to go shopping. She promised me long time ago, and I actually had a really good day despite the fact of a girl constantly telling me I should go die and dissing me. She didn’t ruin my day, yay. Anyway, my mum is the sweetest mum ever, and she bought me lots of stuff actually. I’ll just post pics of it below. Besides what’s on the pics she also bought me blankets and a new sleeping bag so I’m ready for some touring, yay! The last picture is something I received from Anja from Poland! 😀

1st picture:
Leggings from Bilka – 14 €
Hello Kitty shirt from H&M – 27 €

2nd picture:
take 3 and get the cheapest for free from “The Body Shop”.
Body Butter x2, Wild berries & Strawberry – 16€
and then I got the lotion for free.

3rd picture:
Hairspray from Bilka – 1,50 €
Sunglasses from Glitter – 10 €
Paper clip earrings from Glitter – 5,50 €

We also went to go eat in Sunset Boulevard, and oh well, had a great day! On Thurday I’m going to go doing a graffiti photoshoot with my friend, and tomorrow I’m getting my hair dyed black again. Yay for that!