I told you all that I wanted to watch the movie “Vampires Suck”, and I finally have watched it.

It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it’d be, but I have to give props to the actors in it! For example, Jenn Proske playing Becca in it, knows how to exactly do it like Kristen Stewart, playing Bella in the real movies. She knows how to talk the same way, how to react on different situations, just like Kristen does it in the real movies. Same for the actor Matt Lanter, playing Edward Sullen.

Else, there are some funny moments in it, but I think they put most of them in the trailer. Besides those in the trailer, there’s only a few really awesome ones. Anyway, I think you should watch it, because it is definitely worth it, even though it isn’t the best “funny movie” I’ve seen 😉