Guess what I received today? YUP, you guessed right! The Super Deluxe edition of Tokio Hotel’s german Humanoid album! The one with the flag and everything, as you can see on the picture! And yeah, I thought I would give it a review, even though I’ve heard the album lots of times on my computer anyway – I get the english deluxe album on friday!

The songs on Humanoid are definitely different from what Tokio Hotel have done before. As they say themselves, it have got lots of new sounds, which means syntesizers, pianos and electro sounds, but you can still clearly hear that it’s Tokio Hotel, without a doubt. The songs are very mixed into different genres, and I think some of them (Humanoid, Screamin’, etc) have some heavy in it – I can even hear some screamo in the background of Screamin’. It is very different, and yes, I have been sceptical about this album – and of course I’ve been waiting, but it’s been waiting nervously this time – but now I see that I had absolutely nothing to get nervous about. The songs are absolutely amazing – and they did a really great job, and really concentrated to do this right. Tom and Georg even both learned to play on piano/keyboard!

Of course there are some bad sides too – let’s see.. I think that the translation at the songs suck big time, sorry to say so. For example “Darkside of the sun” and “Sonnensystem”. “Sonnensystem” is clearly way more bad than “Darkside of the sun”, and you can easy hear that the song was originally written in english. Same thing is with “Hey du” and “Hey you” – I think the text for “Hey you” is way cooler than the text for “Hey du” – and normally I’m into the German songs, always have been, but this time it’s different, since Bill said in an interview that they wrote some of the songs in English at first, too.

But else, I simply love it. Some of my favourites on the album is Geisterfahrer, Lass uns laufen, Screamin’ and Hey you. Else I’ve fallen completely in love with the iTunes bonus songs – “Down on you” and “Attention”.

– now I can’t wait for the tour to start <3