God, these days are so weird. It’s all about the EMA’s which is happening on Thursday (you can watch livestream on mtvema.com), and I have some friends who are going. I wish there wasn’t a +18 limit to join EMA’s. Anyway, they’ve been tweeting like “OMG, what am I going to wear?!” and I started thinking… God, how I miss being with some girls, dressing up, putting on a nice dress, nice high heels, doing your hair and make-up, and just have fun. I think that last time I did that was in March, with my stepsister. Well, of course I did it times after, but it was just by myself. I had to do it when I had to get my exam thingies after I had been in school for 10 years – and of course some other times, but just by myself. Last time I remember doing it, was on march 28th this year, when my stepsis and I dressed up, because we had to go to a wedding.

Man, I would like to do that again soon.. Looking nice, walking around in an amazing dress, in my high heels, having fun with some girls..