THAT is the new frontpage of the 2010 Tokio Hotel calendar! I was sooo in chock when I saw it, that I almost had a heartattack! Bill dropped his strange science fiction clothes, and putted on THAT, and I’m like drooling all over the fucking place! OMG, SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!! Seriously, I’m getting that calendar! And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a scan of the BACK too!!!!

OMG!!! Those pics are just… AMAZING *____* I can’t effin wait anymore now! This calendar will be out on august 18th and I’m SO getting it. Gaaaah *____* Bill in red.. Bill in red checked pants.. CAN IT GET BETTER?!<33333333333

OMG, wait a minute… I gotta get back to the drooling *______*